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This book is a good read


Brings you back to the old days. How a father can sell his child and then later when she tries to make a connection turns against her completely. To find that you have a real family when you are grown has to be a shock - not to know that you were adopted as a child. To be promised to 1 man,to be turned away form him,  then married to his brother, you must be a very strong woman.

A must read for every woman of today



As usual - James Patterson has done it again. Finished this book in 2 sittings.

The interaction between Jack, Del Rio, Justine and all the others just flows across the pages. Twin brother Tommy is always in the picture as well.


A must read for all mystery & James Patterson fans

Vardin Village - Maggie Spence

Wow - I sat down to read for about an hour - 5 hours later I finished the book Very fast moving and enjoyable read. What will happen if Georrge & Eleanor's secret gets out. Will they ever get to live in the mansion that should belong to them??? Who is leaving the groceries on their doorstep???? Where is there Mom???
You must read the book to find all of this out